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This website is the home of the Khyber Armoury arms research and analysis project which was launched in mid-2019 by our head researcher;  Abdullah.


Our main focus and specialty is on the arms found in the region of south-central-Asia - the Pakistan-Afghanistan region, in particular the indigenously produced arms of the Khyber region - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan. We believe in on-the-ground, hands on information so all our research and analysis is conducted as such to provide reliable first hand information direct from the source. This project is headed up by Abdullah who also writes for and works alongside Silah Report, you can find most published written articles with them. We also cover other topics such as news pertaining to arms in other areas, especially when they intertwine with our specific interests.

Along with Pakistan and Afghanistan, we also include the lands of Pakistani-administered Kashmir and Indian-administered Kashmir (Compromising of the regions; Jammu Kashmir, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan) by extension owing to the reason they're all connected.

Due to many comments by both educated and uneducated persons alike, we must put up a large disclaimer and inform you that this region of the world is located in South-Central-Asia, not the Middle-East which is in West / South-West Asia.

All arms we have researched, handled or house in our reference collection is available to view by researchers upon application on our Research & Reference Collection page, where in-depth information on each item is documented and along with clear images. If you wish to clarify anything, request more information to do with the regions we cover or to commission any work, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be only more than pleased to help. Please be advised that we may charge a consultation fee aside from the paid commissioning of work.

Khyber Armoury is the only call for reliable and in-depth information on the indigenous arms of the Pak-Afghan region all in the English language.

This project is fully supported by the research projects we do and our followers via Ko-fi If you wish to see more and want to contribute to the project, consider joining us on Ko-fi and getting exclusive perks, pre-release videos and behind-the-scenes access. Thank you.