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Updated: May 18

As you may already know, we are working alongside Silah Report to bring you arms research and analysis on a variety of arms from the Pak-Afghan region.

Well, we're back on-the-ground with Silah Report soon to bring you much much more! We have planned a variety of arms to be documented with test-firing of both original and local arms plus a stress test of at least two domestically produced firearm copies, an AKSU/AKMSU type carbine and a Tokarev/Beretta type clone. We will expend a lot of ammunition to get this done.

Follow us by becoming a supporter via Patreon to see all this plus behind-the-scenes and exclusives of the trip on our exclusive Telegram feed. You can also support us with a one off fee of £5 to access our Telegram feed which covers the markets in the Khyber region and also shows you behind-the-scenes too!

You can also purchase it via our site, here: https://www.khyberarmoury.com/product-page/access-to-exclusive-telegram-feed

As always, all our work will be available to our supporters via Patreon and our private backers before we release anything on our channel website or via Silah Report in the future. We as an organisation and all the work we put out is only here thanks to our supporters as this is a wholly viewer and reader supported endeavor. Make sure to follow Silah Report to see our short pieces too, it's a valuable tool on keeping up with the ever evolving world of arms in the world today.

The direct link to the site is here: http://silahreport.com/

The direct link to our Patreon is here: https://www.patreon.com/KhyberArmoury