NEWS | The Krinkov / Kirinkov - SILAH REPORT

Updated: 1 day ago

Many people, even those not familiar with arms, knows of the so-called Krinkov. In an article by our fellow researcher and colleague Miles at Silah Report, he uncovers the origins of the word and how the AKS-74U carbine came to be known by people across the world as the 'Krinkov' (apart from the ex-Soviets/Russians).

On the travels of Abdullah into the Pak-Afghan region, he was fortunate enough to sit and talk at length with many gunsmiths and traders who informed him that their people did indeed come up with the terminology to differentiate this rifle/carbine from the various other AK platform rifles in the region. A Pakistani or Afghan in the tribal regions would actually pronounce it 'Kirinkov' which is ultimately the same to a foreigner listening to the Pakhtun speech and why it is pronounced ever so slightly differently by those who shared this word outside the two countries. we are able to corroborate the information our dear colleague and friend Miles has documented in this regard.

If you want to learn more on rifle nomenclatures in the region, another article by our colleague Grigory is also available to read on The Firearm Blog.