Pak-Afghan Finds: A Smith & Wesson Model 659 or Something Else?

Updated: 1 day ago

The Smith & Wesson 59/659 series pistols are not among the most common to find outside of the US. They are a reliable and dependable self-loading 9×19mm all-metal pistols which, despite being obscure, are definitely the factors that have led to a Pakistani firearms manufacturing company to make a copy of one variation.


Fig. 1.1. Left face: Smith & Wesson pistol copy (model 659?) (Source: Khyber Abdullah reference collection)


Fig. 1.2. Right face: Smith & Wesson pistol copy (model 659?) (Source: Khyber Abdullah reference collection)

The pistol in question is a copy of the Smith & Wesson Model 59/659 series-pattern handgun, which includes the S&W logo minus any model number markings. An exact model designation that the copy is based on is difficult to nail down as this pistol has an oddly shaped trigger guard. The guard is not akin to any made by Smith & Wesson, despite being similar to the Model 659. The maker’s stylized logo on the grip and some markings on the right side of the slide. The pistol comes in an unmarked plastic pistol case along with two magazines.

Fig. 1.3. Left face: Smith & Wesson style pistol (model 659?) grip showing S&W markings. (Source: Khyber Abdullah reference collection)

Fig. 1.4. Left face: Smith & Wesson style pistol (model 659?) grip showing makers logo. (Source: Khyber Abdullah reference collection)

This pistol was found in an anonymous host’s home and was taken out to be shown off and cleaned. This pistol originated from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas/Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regions and had been left sitting uncleaned and un-oiled for nigh on 14 years after being bought and test-fired. It was a chance to inspect it whilst it was also being cleaned. After asking colleagues who manufacture firearms in Peshawar and Darra Adam Khel a few questions, it was confirmed this pistol is no longer produced, most likely as it had fallen out of favour for newer designs such as the Beretta 92FS and Glock 17/19. That doesn’t mean you can’t get them, you could have them commissioned on a special order even now. Interesting to note that production of this design isn’t documented in any place as far as can be seen, the only brief glimpse we can find of something similar is found on an old video showing manufacturing of firearms in Darra Adam Khel.


Fig. 1.5. Front face: An original Smith & Wesson Model 659 Pistol (Source: Modern Firearms)

Fig. 1.6. Left face: Smith & Wesson Model 59 series Darra copy with distinct design changes – note the hammer profile which differs again (Source: ARES CONMAT via Social Media)

The details for the manufacturer featured in the video cannot be found so we are left to ponder over which of the many companies in the region decided to manufacture this marvel. This type of pistol isn’t something you would find easily anywhere across the Pak-Afghan region so finding this was a surprise, especially a basically like-new example. As Smith & Wesson discontinued this series of pistols long ago, it seems that Pakistan is the last place making these – along with many other more obscure and out-of-production firearms.