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The Beretta PX5 – Yes, You Heard Right

Updated: 1 day ago

We’re all familiar with the somewhat intriguing Beretta PX4 9×19mm self-loading pistol but there is another Beretta on the market! Well, it may not actually be a genuine Beretta product or easily available at your local dealership but it certainly has the look and appeal of a Beretta firearm at the very least.

It will come as no surprise to those who follow the arms related news coming out of the Khyber region that the PX5 or ‘Beretta’ PX5 is actually another innovation hailing from the arms manufacturing scene located there. This is essentially a clone of the Beretta PX4 but chambered in the good old Soviet/Russian 7.62×25 (locally named the 30 Bore), featuring a tilting barrel assembly similar to those found on the Sig Sauer P226 or Glock patterned pistols compared with the more complex rotating barrel assembly found on the Beretta PX5 and is slightly larger to accommodate the changes. Even though they resemble or imitate this design, they aren’t marked with Beretta markings but with the PX5 and manufacturer logo in place of the Beretta one.

At first glance, this pistol could be mistaken for the PX4 it copies but looking closer the signs are there that this isn’t one. The ejection port placement and barrel, slide design plus slide serrations and its size are a giveaway something is off. With its features, this is one firearm you would be hard-pressed to dislike. The pistol’s frame itself is injection moulded polymer just like its counterpart or parent if you will.

Fig.1.1. Right face: PX5 pistol (Source: Khyber Armoury database)
Fig.1.2. Left face: PX5 pistol (Source: Khyber Armoury database)
Fig.1.3. Birds eye: PX5 pistol (Source: Khyber Armoury database)
Fig.1.4. For comparison here is an actual Beretta PX4 (Beretta)

PX5 Specifications:

Slide Material: 1045 Frame Material: Polymer (steel lining in some areas) Barrel Material: 4140 Calibre: 7.62×25 / .30 Bore Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds Weight: 715 grams unloaded or 780 grams with empty magazine inserted Length: 192mm Height: 135mm Width: 27mm Barrel Length: 105mm

Recommended retail price locally: Rs28,000-Rs30,000 PKR (£130 / $175)

These are approximate measurements and information supplied by a dealer, these may be subject to some change and variance.

Those questioning why they didn’t just make a direct copy of the PX4 can rest assured that they do also make those, this wasn’t just a half-baked project but had its own attraction to cater for. It makes up for the gap in the local market where there are those wanting the popular Beretta PX4 or something different to the slew of TT30/TT33-type pistols but who also want to shoot their favourite spicy cartridge in something more modern. They can now find the perfect solution in this new platform.

We can always expect new, innovative and especially some wacky designs to come from the region and this ticks some of those boxes. The gunsmiths and manufacturers of the rugged mountainous land never disappoint.