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The Resistance Front | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

Updated: 1 day ago

We recently had the opportunity to speak with an indigenous Kashmiri resistance group operating in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, The Resistance Front (TRF). We were able to make this possible with the help of journalists at the Kashmir Fight blog, putting forward to them a few questions which they had facilitated in being answered for us. This isn't a deep dive into the arms and ordnance they use and operate with as we usually cover but it's more of a more pure unadulterated look at what they believe in and strive for, something which you can read here for yourselves.


The spokesperson for TRF went out of their way and obliged to answer our question in the English language which isn't their native tongue so bear that in mind when reading the release. If you wish to read more news updates in regards to Kashmir and the situations unfolding there, you can read more on the Kashmir Fight blog. Any journalist or researcher covering this region can see and access official TRF releases which confirm the authenticity of the interview and they may also request a copy of this from either us, Kashmir Fight or TRF.

Living under military occupation. The daily life of a Kashmiri.

We seldom cover topics like these but the right situations arise where it's possible and hasn't been covered before, so as persons who hail from this region ourselves, we were obliged to at least put forward some questions to them and document this to show you the reality of what these groups are striving for, not what the mainstream media in India and elsewhere portrays them to be and believe.

Hopefully, this is the start of us covering the region of Kashmir in more detail going forth so if you wish to see more, make sure to follow us on our social media and contribute to more of this via our page on Patreon and/or Ko-fi.