• These are new items, genuine and hand-made in the mountains of Suwwat (Swat) in the village of Islampur on the outskirts of Mingora, KPK, Pakistan by local artisans. These shawls are worn throughout the Pak-Afghan region, especially in the northern mountainous area where it's colder and are very warm! These are made from natural wool sourced locally and feature a hand-weaved design along the bottom ends of the shawls. These are all natural colours so shades may differ slightly to those pictured.
    One size fits all -  approximately 50" width x  210" length. These weigh around 950 grams, almost 300 grams less than the premium one. We can also have larger shawls made upon request and for pre-order.


    ADD A PAKOL TO YOUR ORDER FOR £5! Add  a Pakol of your choice to your order and use the code: MATCHPAKOL - to receive your discount.


    PREMIUM SHAWLS AVAILABLE ALSO. See our other listing for a premium version which feature being made with hand-spun wool yarn compared to these which feature wool spun on hand operated machinery rather than by hand.


    You can see a video of the manufacturing process here: https://youtu.be/t1dZUzgZKr0

    Bulk sales available. Postage/Shipping is included within the UK.

    Clothing | 100% Wool Hand-Made Swati Shawl (Chadar) | STANDARD

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